Complete guide for Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15.6

Complete guide for Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15.6

Dragon Professional Individual 15 used for commanding and dictating on the computer. This guide will be fairly comprehensive so feel free to use the time markers in this lesion description to skip to the part that is most applicable to your situation and dragon naturally speaking is pretty much self-taught, though, so if any of you is a really super expert with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation. Please feel free to comment. Let us know what you think and if you have any other tips we have missed.

What does Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking do?

Dragon does primarily two things: it controls your computer with what we call commands and then it also writes down your words, which is what we call dictation’s opinions in the video when I say whether I’m commanding more dictating.

Part one is the set up and you can see on the screen here are the recommended specifications by the creator of the software nuance.

Hardware specification for installing Nuance Dragon Naturally Speak Dictation Software

We need 4 GB of RAM. I personally use 16 GB. You need to point to Hertz Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor using Intel core i7 GHz and it works really fine. It recommends 500 GB free disk space and then the Windows version 10 or 11, then it says here faster processors yield faster performance. The more ram the better processor and the more up-to-date other programs you have. Like your browser, the better your products will run just like the computer hardware.

What microphone should I use with Dragon Professional Individual Software?

The higher-quality microphone will provide higher quality results. But microphones for a little bit. You can buy them on the Dragon Dictation Software website. You can get a power mic or handheld for better performance. What I recommend here is nuance manufacture dragon usb or dragon Bluetooth mic which works pretty damn good for a long time since I first started using Dragon. I use one of those but it works really well for about two years until the battery would no longer take a charge. So that was a bummer and I had a new one, but it worked well for the time so I am interested to hear from you in the comments as well. If you try Dragon with any cheaper options of microphones. These are the ones that I’ve tried. And here is an expert on whichever USB connector you’re using. Whether it’s Bluetooth or whether it’s a cable plugged directly into the computer USB sports I found it won’t go as well. When you connect through a dongle or through a splitter.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Download or how to download dragon NaturallySpeaking software?

You’ll need to purchase and download the product which you can do here on the website. Cost for a dragon to dictate naturally speaking is $500 one time. While purchasing, chat with experts to get some discounts. Important one tip for folks using Dragon dictation for work is to ask your employer to pay for this fee. Nuance dragon naturally is a necessary tool that you need for your work and you probably justify asking for work to make it a business expense. So when you first get a nuanced dragon natural product you’ll set it up and download it on your computer. Nuance speech recognition is like this and you will bring you through this tutorial for checking your microphone and it’s going to go through this and let her go to super detail And when you read this out loud in your microphone for does that to accuracy tuning and it does that to adjust the settings and then adjust to your personal surroundings and microphone fan that’s I set up now you’re ready to start using Dragon.

Dragon bar tools and useful commands

So, the first thing we will do with the Dragon tool is command the tool itself. So I want this first part, but it does take a click to activate the tool at first to use a dwell toolbar like this one here shown from the Billy tear and it just helps you pause and click you can click it and activate it and now it is listening to my voice you can see the screen and its capital sound that is picking up sounds from my microphone here.

Dragon Speak Go to Sleep command

Commands like Go to sleep. So when you are not working then it is sleeping and you should say “go to sleep” which you should do. Any time you’re done commanding and done dictating that’s a pretty good habit to get into is to whenever you finish working and briefly get or you talk to neighbor just say go to sleep so that the microphone doesn’t open up that window like you saw is are doing funny things to to with regard to that functionality. The same thing can be accomplished if you just mute on your microphone and that’s another way you can just stop the input into your computer. So now we can activate it again pretty easily by saying the command wake up. There will now it has woken up and clicked cancel.

How does the Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional Wake up command works?

Go to sleep and we can deactivate the tool by saying microphone off wake up microphone off a minute to show you a menu which can be handy if you forget some commands that just need a quick tutorial little refresher: what can I say wake up. What can I say to show navigation commands anyway. You can read those when you open up the what can I say menu and just conserve ravens and see the basics like for you to just go in for the settings on your own compare them to this video. Wake up means getting dragon software ready to listen to your voice and transcribe.

How to use dragon speak and dragon naturally speaking professional 15.6?

commanding your computer so surprise me the most when I first started using Dragon was just how powerful it is controlling your computer in this demo I’ll show you how to use Dragon to do most basic functions like surfing the net, opening and closing files and programs saving stuff and navigating file Explorer and one of my favorite tips for my favorite things I do all the time is command keys and commanding keyboard shortcuts and there are so many to list. I will list a bunch of resources in the description below, but you will see a bunch in this video and hopefully you can adapt these into your Dragon dictation routine as you see them but here on screen. Oh, so you some of my most used and you can just pause the video and write it down if you need to. One of my favorite tips for serious experts out there who will use Dragon seriously is to make flashcards literally. I made these flashcards with a pen and 3 x 5 note cards that I just got ripped in half. Windows acts you pass is a shortcut that you can do for windows anyway make flashcards for that flashcards looks like a big stack for Google Chrome here. Here are Microsoft teams. Pretty handy if you use that for work and then zoom is that all the time to you can say press you can say press enter. You can say press escape very, very easy to do those kinds of things going back. I lost some footage or it was not so good. Sigh. So I want to show that you use a writing environment. Just make sure you run the check microphone activity when you switch that environment. So get back into our demo, use Dragon, open a program and use shortcut commands to search the web so we got Google, present givens were given slightly wake up. Click link 13. Click link press escape Bangladesh put back over the bottom page up page is the top sleep cc there were using our voice to keys as he gets more practice you’ll get well so it’s really small stuff here. Wake up press control T spot go sleep you can listen to music while dictating Everett set up. I made you a video that later but just using your own risk and I made ours directly at first so go inherently some of the things, press control, one restful to the schedule page down page three schedule W. Press control shift goes to sleep a lot to show you that you saw me shifting my selection of tabs by voice. He saw me close a tab and reopen that same Man’s press control shift to work of course with positive thoughts modify the simple stuff that one is okay with so now that we have shown you how to surf the web a little bit. Let’s open up a file or a document or document and then save it for file Explorer running the file we got open Microsoft Word put a blank document.

Nuance Dragon Speak Useful commands everyone needs to learn.

Press control S sleep also say click file click save as whatever we got more options would browse Dragon dictation tutorial example capitalize that the pictures click new folder press escape present you Dragon dictation tutorial examples capitalize that press enter press enter. Click save. Go to sleep cc Dragon can read your menu files that have some basic computer commands. I guess there’s a few more. We should show you all tabs and list all Windows commands so that you can select which application you want to use at a given moment, so we got to list all Windows just to list all Windows choose eight. List all Windows sleep. So, list all the windows you can see here the numbers of each of the Windows that you have open and you can just say choose acts choose 876. Whichever one is label and select that it is a keyboard shortcut which I love press alt tab vessel tab that toggles between your last two most recently used applications that we got cancel vessel tab vessel Vessel tab Wesley you now you’re certain Windows computer with saving files or surfing file Explorer your selecting which application you want to run okay let’s get into part four dictation start telling Dragon what to put on to our document. So let’s start writing this little story we got. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Red riding. Capitalize read read. She was walking through the forest one day to visit her grandmother with a basket full of fresh baked treats.

She arrived at grandmother’s house noncommittal. He heard a voice from inside. “My dear!” Select commit to student Bob

Little red riding Hood lies that saw her grandmother lay on the bed looking sick.

“My, what big eyes you have,” little red riding. That said, at last, red riding juice. Three.

“All the best to see you with my dear,” said the grandmother.

Sleep dictates the entire Little red riding story for you here, but that’s the basics: you saw me announcing all my folks ration and my lines would know you can say. Or you can say. That’s another dictate. Show me some other things here for formatting. Make a list. Wake up grocery list capitalize that underline that select that press control B schedule B mold that italicized schedules the sleep tried to press undo press because he didn’t exactly work with my italics here. Wake up select grocery list fly press right

click the number of apples.

Bananas capitalize apples select bananas THAT select bananas just to go to sleep. When you select that new user can select that or select insert word you saw the menu there and there’s also a big judicial assistant that will wake up and select bananas to put asleep. So what you do here you will have some options for you. Capitalization spell want to seem as many as like 10 suggestions sometimes also spell that you will see any of your options listed there and some other options that were not bigoted but just lay around if you using Dragon now see with those you and again I will list some of my favorite dictation commands here on screen as well. Okay, now let’s get into part five to the base functionality. By now, at this point in the video you are an extreme heroic Dragon dictation. You can open Lexapro, surf the net and open files and dictate into that and then save them where you need to within your file Explorer. That’s pretty great, but there are some awesome things I need to show you that will take you to the next level. The first is a custom phrase Dragon is really good at knowing that he was language but there’s certain things that in your workplace you proper nouns in your family or exec at that and argue the Dragon vocabulary show you how to create a custom rates and I’ll do this in two ways. The first way we will spell it out and then save it separately will have Dragon analyze documents to learn vocabulary. Let’s teach Dragon how to recognize words equals and that means you ever heard that song from learning this bowel sounds. We can sing songs I like. Let’s test this out and see if Dragon are wake up. I like to eat and eat, you will send the needed sleep right there. You see, it didn’t know it didn’t recognize words so let’s train the Dragon to recognize people’s we got select equals spell that EEP LPS training equals click save sleep. It’s as simple as that and will list the steps here as well. We got a Burmese spell that VA and a backspace E and E E S click okay sleep have no sometimes Dragon can have trouble recognizing individual letters may just need to experiment and sometimes you just have your fingers. We got a select money spell that trains by means of sleep now.

Now you see Microsoft Dragon knows if that’s all you really care about. Now I will show you how to have a Dragon select document read it and know the words to it so this one is due the next verse in our song here in the time that you’re using correct posture and budget appropriately. Your work was just in the south. Sounds like we got restless last sleep so we saved our file and now going to tell Dragon to go and learn the words in the spot we got the vessel, therefore closely using many calls learned from specific documents in the vocabulary binding orders of that race. Next, add documents easily. Pictures just for this demo Dragon dictation. For example, it has our ballooning and next. You could say click next on the news of the stylus check out six working. We clicked next. Sleep now, we’re going to check these boxes here. Check all and teach now there in our vocabulary. The jetties know how to enunciate the checkerboard you like to train in the spring training words: wake up the next finish list all Windows press escape open file Explorer, click pictures, press enter Dragon dictation tutorial examples. Press enter Dragon dictation. For example, the center

window go to the end. I like to watch the news closely.

Steps to use Professional Dragon Speaking software with new Microsoft outlook emails.

All right, to open Microsoft Outlook you must say ‘open outlook’ or ‘open microsoft outlook’ So use that you have a giant box full of email with your bosses name and your clients names and your proprietary vocabulary is in your inbox. If Dragon can know that I know how you work very, very easily now show you what custom commands. These are where you say commands that make up and put a string of text that you custom schools manifesting commands of your all the custom commands that I built so far we have inserted my ZIP Code insert my address insert my email right outside. See why I don’t want to be dictating my sensitive information. I don’t want strangers or people in my office for suits to hear what my personal information is seeking. Save your personal information. Custom tax will show you how to create custom commands here at new command Angel’s history for survivalists. We got a little red riding that sort of capitalized tab stab. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Little red riding capitalize that right. Blah blah blah blah blah arrest so. Click save sleep. Let’s check out our custom command wake up

insert little red writing the story, sleep and work so you can have you here. Your email@use this as a resource for you to make custom now there are some things that I will mention this more advanced were not going to go deep into it. In this video I made later into the command typing here we have auto text that’s what we just did things like macro or forger clicks in your keystrokes step-by-step. Learn more about that later. Advanced scripting you know Visual Basic or VBA you can actually command Dragon to execute those scripts are easy. Seems very similar to what I showed in another video about free batch files to automate me. I want to introduce this in detail. I miss the video but they got the last part here. Part six of the video is preventing voice training and just like any tool that we use with our computers or in the workplace. In general, you need to use it correctly and you need to use a safe voice strain so that you can get RSI in your voice just by being the talker singer. Many occupations give voice training just like computer users who use a lot of Dragon dictation so you can prevent voice strain the same way you prevent other repetitive strain injuries. You need to take a lot of breaks from your desk and take a break away from the microphone, sit and stand with correct posture while working. Stay hydrated, exercise regularly, stretch and form roll and run and get massages and try to lead a balanced lifestyle and don’t become a workaholic and will become a dictation of the Holick for voice strain prevention. Specifically, make sure you speak clearly and don’t speak too fast, you may see. You know I’m speaking really fast and it doesn’t pick up my commands. That’s all just wasted breath so if you speak more accurately you save your breath and that strain on your voice not to go out. Of course either do vocal mops if you’re using your voice to work every single day. Make sure you do some for four months and you know, look them up on the Internet on the can demo here for you today just yet. Of course, when you get a lot of work done. Do I do where I will type a little bit. It’s not too much to strain myself especially once he starts to recover a little bit and then I will take a break and come back and switch to voice, then I will go to some meetings or something or go to lunch. Try to work in a balanced way where you’re always moving, standing, sitting, and kind of being safe and that way so in conclusion, thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this useful, but I’m excited to talk more on the channel about Dragon dictation. What specific Dragon Dictation demonstrations. If you would like to get in touch with nuance dragon support for any installation help. the nuance dragon medical support team will only handle support issues on dragon medical practice edition. So always make sure you reach the correct nuance dragon customer service number for assistance.

About dragon dictate naturally speaking

To give you a quick demonstration of the latest Dragon professional individual 15 which was released this week is going to show you how it works out-of-the-box. What does that mean ? I’m looking to try and I’m just going to set up a new profile from scratch and show you what it can do, because if you think you know what this would give you a good idea of what to expect. I’m using a wireless Plantronics headset so that you got an idea what sort of equipment amusing so launch the Dragon 15 icon and set up a new user okay new user may go six lecture regional accent as per normal ominous dryers, you can probably tell from my accent is my Plantronics IV wireless headset. This is a deck headset, not a Bluetooth headset. I’m reading this text out loud clearly and naturally the container uses time when I dictate with the product. Right now I’m getting Dragon a chance to adapt my voice and audio environment as a tool. Dragon is checking the quality of the audio input and adjusting some settings. Good audio input is essential for accurate speech recognition to achieve high accuracy, maintain a consistent distance between my mouth and the microphone should also minimize background noise. Yeah, I wasn’t too bad. That’s all you have to do to start using a Dragon professional individual. 15. The need to do any voice training that will probably help a little bit but I’m gonna show you what to expect immediately so you can see what you get when you download the product and get started with it. So this is I guess you call it a US case scenario, doing no triangle, all having any instruction whatsoever. So just take a few seconds to set up my profile tasking to sense him.I’m gonna skip that for now and will start dictating into word and UBL to see exactly what it’s like there’s my little Dragon bar at the top that can move that around. Similar tutorial which I’m not going to do because I’m you can do that yourself as the new tips box which is sexy quite good and recommend that you use it… Dictate again. It’s never had me speak before puffing. Natalie is set up so this would be interesting. Dragon 15 here we go help turn the microphone on with a large plus K on my keyboard or compress the spontaneity set font size 25 Dragon professional 15 has just been released worldwide. It has a number of new features and uses technology called “deep learning” to significantly improve the accuracy of speech recognition. Nuance Communications has invested a significant amount of time and money in improving this latest version of Dragon. There are updates for the PC version called Dragon Professional Individual disdain in the Mac version called Dragon Professional Individual for Mac version 6.

I have to say, this is pretty impressive accuracy considering I have done no voice training whatsoever. Page down to this is about what you’d expect using the program with a reasonable headset with no training whatsoever, provided you can dictate in a basic fashion like I am right now.

If you have any further questions please contact us via our website. dragon naturally speaking medical practice edition and dragon naturally speaking support for Canada can be reached directly on the website.

Dragon for apple or mac computers

To use dragon naturally speaking on mac or mac os, we can help you get a supportive software installed first and then use it on any mac or mac os new released Catalina.  go to sleep to the guard Dragon 15 out-of-the-box. This is the first week the product has been released. It is ready for downloads so give us a call if you’re interested in upgrading or buying a new version. We have some special offers on the new Dragon 15 and the new Dragon Professional Individual for Mac computers..

Dragon naturally speaking Australia and dragon naturally speaking medical practice edition support for Australia by chat service is available so make sure you get in touch with the dragon naturally speaking support team for your ongoing dragon naturally speaking download issues.

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