Does Dragon Software Work Without the Internet?

The desktop version of Dragon Software does not require an internet connection once it is installed and activated. This is because the desktop version of Dragon Software is installed on your computer and stores its data locally. However, the mobile version of Dragon Software, called Dragon Anywhere, does require an internet connection. This is because Dragon Anywhere uses the cloud to store your data and to process your voice commands.

Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One requires an internet connection because it is cloud based speech to text software. DMO saves user profile data in cloud server. If you create your vocabulary or create any commands, it will also be saved in the cloud server.


Dragon Software possesses remarkable functionality both with and without internet connectivity. With its offline mode, users can enjoy uninterrupted productivity and enhanced privacy, while the online version offers advanced features and real-time language processing.

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FAQ’s on Does Dragon Software Work Without the Internet?

Does Dragon Software work without the internet connection to function?

No, Dragon Software has a robust offline mode that allows it to function without an internet connection.

Can I use custom words and phrases offline?

Absolutely, Dragon Software’s offline capabilities include the use of custom vocabulary to ensure accurate transcription of industry-specific terms.

Can I use Dragon Software offline with multiple applications?

Yes, Dragon Software’s offline mode is compatible with various applications, allowing you to dictate text across different software interfaces.

Is the accuracy of transcription compromised in offline mode?

No, Dragon Software maintains its high level of accuracy in offline mode, utilizing its local speech recognition engine to ensure precise transcription.

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