Does the new version support Philips speech link air device?

I don’t have access to the specific details of software versions or device compatibility. However, I can provide general information.

The Philips SpeechLink Air device is a wireless adapter that allows you to connect your Philips SpeechMike or SpeechOne dictation microphone to your computer via a Wi-Fi network. Whether or not a new version of a particular software supports the SpeechLink Air device would depend on the specific software in question and its compatibility with the SpeechLink Air device.

To find out if a particular software version supports the SpeechLink Air device, you can check the documentation or release notes for that software, or contact the software vendor’s customer support team for more information. Additionally, you can check the compatibility list provided by Philips for the SpeechLink Air device to see if the software you’re interested in is listed as compatible.

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