Dragon has encountered an error and may become unstable

The error message “Dragon has encountered an error and may become unstable” indicates that there is a problem with the Dragon software that could cause it to crash or behave unexpectedly. Following are the steps to solve the issue.

Exit and Restart Dragon

Exit the Dragon and restart. This can often fix minor errors and glitches.

Update Dragon Software

Make sure you have the latest version of Dragon software installed. Nuance regularly releases updates that fix bugs and improve performance. Dragon updates can be free or paid sometimes.

Repair Your Dragon.

If updating Dragon doesn’t fix the problem, you can try repairing the installation. Repairing will remove exiting Dragon files and replace them with new files from server, which can fix the issue.

How you can repair the Dragon software ? Go to cPanel > Programs and Features > right click on Dragon icon > Click Change.

New dialog box will open where you need to select repair and Dragon will repair all corrupt files.

Uninstall and reinstall Dragon Dictation software

If all above steps fail to solve the “Dragon has encountered an error and may become unstable” error, you need to uninstall the dragon from Programs and Features and run the fresh Installation process.


Sometime you follow all the above steps but nothing happens, Dragon gives you same error “Dragon has encountered an error and may become unstable. Please save your work close Dragon by choosing Profile>Close DragonBar and restart Dragon”.

In this case you need to check windows update or check registry errors. Also scan the c drive for any windows corrupt files.

Note: If you still facing the issue with Dragon or windows updates, then feel free to contact Dragon support team through live chat or Call us at +1-800-654-0142.

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