Dragon Medical One Cloud Installation guide

Dragon Medical One Cloud Installation guide

Dragon dictation software. This training session will walk you through the functions and features of Dragon Medical one cloud often referred as dragon cloud Australia program that facilitates the login and communication with your cloud-based profile is either installed locally on your computer or on the server next to your medical records program.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with dragon medical one welcome kit with following installation instructions.

Click the button below to download the Dragon Medical One cloud Installer:
Download installer
Installer instructions:
1.     Copy the Organization token listed above.
2.     Open File Explorer and navigate to your ‘Downloads’ folder.
3.     Locate and double-click on the Dragon_Medical_One_Installer.exe file to launch the installer.
4.     Proceed through the installer by clicking next.
5.     When prompted for your Organization token it may be filled in for you, but if it is not,
paste the Organization token copied in Step 1 into the input field of the installer, then click ‘Install’.
Your Organization token:0cd159bc-7nc2-4780-9e2e-XXXXXXXXXXXX 
6.     Allow the installer to finish then click ‘Done’.
7.     Congratulations! You installed Dragon Medical One!

Upon logging in to a dragon medical practice profile screen will appear where you can’t use dragon power microphone source and you will need medical specialty for the purposes of this session. I will choose cardiology as the speciality and click okay and EMI will login and produce the Nuance Dragon medical bot that you can see at the top of the screen on the left is the microphone choice and on the right-hand side is the Dragon dictation medical menu displayed. Let’s look at the microphone source on your computer. If no other microphone is installed on your computer, then by default, Nuance Dragon medical one Australia will choose the microphone synaptics 2 audio. For iphone or androids, This is the wireless microphone app on your iPhone or android smart phone you can see on the left of the Dragon bar that the microphone icon is orange indicating that the power marked by ball is chosen. If you go to the Dragon menu and go to options and choose microphone buttons you can see a layout of the configuration of the power marked by ball in the menu. You can also say that there is an option option to choose the microphone. I’ve also got connected a USB PowerMic select that notice the microphone icon now guys read indicating the USB connected Mark Santiago again to options and choose microphone buttons. There is that default with its default settings on the microphone selection. I’m going to use both microphone sources in this session to begin with. I’ll go back and select, dragon power mic 3 as the source is like now to dictate a brief cardiology report to illustrate three main principles when using DMI open up Microsoft Word and dictate open the app you see the microphone icon guys read and indicating that the while microphone app is paid.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation chart example

The patient is a 64-year-old male who presents with chest pain. His primary care physician is Dr. Smith. He reports that the pain started three days ago. He describes it as shop, mid sternal pain, radiating to his right. He also complains of associated shortness of breath, cold sweats, and Norcia. He denies vomiting, rectal bleeding or tarry stools. He denies a history of heart attack. He does have a history of COPD, CID, arthritis, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. He is currently taking lisinopril for blood pressure.

Three principles of dragon professional dictating into DMI.dictate at breakneck speed or too slow, particularly to slow Dragon will often interpret hesitation or opposing wall dictation as either a command or intended punctuation. Secondly, use punctuation to give dragon naturally speaking support context while you’re dictating. Thirdly, watch out for microphone clipping that is turning on your microphone and starting to dictate at the same time, it may need even a fraction of a second for the microphone to turn on before dictating into MO to commands can be used to manage your vocabulary. The correct command and the select command. Both these commands have identical functions physically. I’m going to dictate a sentence using a drug term that is new and wont be in the vocabulary. d

The patient was prescribed Jim to set to deal with urinary tract infections. I’m going to use the select command to correct the spelling of Jim Tessa dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 Premium is put down Jim test so I’ll turn on the microphone select Jim test you can see the boxes popped up with alternatives if one of those alternatives is viable and simply say choose one choose to, etc. if not site at that to vocabulary at the two vocabulary. Now I will type in the correct spelling of the word and hit default pronunciation is now been added to the Listing I cannot turn back on the microphone and with the incorrect spelling still selected, re-dictate Jim Tessa. If you have a heavy accent or have a different emphasis on pronouncing the word. You can open up the vocabulary again go to that listing. The word click click trying and now I have the option to re-dictate the word firstly turn on the power marked my ball then click the red button inside it would Jim Tessa to confirm and the word is retrained.

The patient was prescribed Jim Tessa to deal with urinary tract infections. You might want to place would directly into the vocabulary. So again, go to menu bring up vocab. You can also say manage vocabulary into a font that will start up that particular box, click add and another new medical term is the Cambria now looking to use default pronunciation. This time I’m just simply going to dictate directly with my voice again turn on the microphone, the Cambria phone

The patient was prescribed to the Cambria.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recorder

You may also be using a USB PowerMic let’s change to that microphone again it menu select menu and go to the USB PowerMic connection not just the again the microphone icon has changed, let’s add another word, another new drug term is also Mia add. Now I’m not sure of the pronunciation so I’m going to now use my verbal dictation to trying the word out with the PowerMic USB connection. I don’t need to press the record button. I just need to hold the bike and press the red button on the computer. Also via the confirm close

Nuance dragon medical support on how to use guide

The patient was prescribed also Mia. As mentioned, the select command provides access to correcting the word adding it to vocabulary. It also provides the opportunity to change your dictation or modify word. Firstly, I want to delete three sentences that are repetitive. It’s easier to take the mass and swot is three sentences and sigh delete that now I want to change the word from urinary tract infections to urinary tract issues select infections issues. So by using the select command, you can very easily choose a word and redictate off the top. You can also use to emphasize I’m not want to underline three days ago select three days ago underline that I could also say bold that italicize that the important point to remember here when selecting a word to bold all on the line. For example, you have to put that after the command if I just selected three days ago. Instead, bold it would replace three dies with the word bold by saying ball that it issues the command. For example, select tract, bold undo that tract select tract bold with that, the select command can also be used to capitalize the word. For example, select hypertension now. The selection box is given hypertension with all capitals, or the first letter capitalized, you can choose one or choose to. Or you can say That select hypertension THAT very important and popular feature of DMO is the auto text function go to the menu and choose manage auto text you see here is a list eyes shall look choose covered knotting history can see that in the content box. There is a small paragraph with variables inserted variables are defined by the square brackets. This order text has a name and it has a spoken form spoken form is the command let’s clear this document, select oh delete that covered knotting history 25 next to three next field feel that with continuous cough, but no muscle pain next field moderate. So a small preset paragraph with variables where the patient’s details can be inserted can be brought up with a single command now. One hint when using what I text we get back into the window selected covered knotting history will notice first of all, the spoken form is written and there is no whereas the is inserted in the name what can be added to the spoken forms the word insert. This helps separate out the term covered knotting history that may be used in normal dragon legal dictation and in doing so, you don’t want to trigger an auto text so place the word in the spoken form that form insert apply close

Insert covered knotting history 25. Three shortness of breath, mild. Now you’ll notice that I didn’t have to say next field. This time, because on my dragon microphone PowerMic my ball or on my USB PowerMic there are buttons already preset to go to next field next field next field or previous field to go backwards. If we open up the options microphone buttons you can see that number seven is listed as next field and also number three above. It is listed as next field. So many people prefer to use the buttons on the microphone instead of saying next field. Similarly, if we now change the microphone to, my ball at the very bottom of the window you will see their next field is the right hand and the left-hand arrow is the previous field order texts can be created from preset templates that you may have and copied into the content box of the order text window. You can also construct your run one very simply, you can’t have something like a list. For example, if the plus button down the bottom. You might want blood pressure in a square bracket then maybe some dots to indicate the space closet off of the square bracket that defines the variable next Martone pulse right again square brackets and then followed by units beats per minute soon nine could be patient details and I’m going to put the word insert as before. It’s just a very simple small example he’d apply close Insert patient details. 125 a variety next field, 72, you can edit your order texts by opening up the order text window selecting patient details. For example, and re-editing the text in the content box the variable fields in order texts are defined by delimiters in this case, nuance dictation software Dragon has chosen the square brackets as delimiters you may have a template with many variables but do not use the square brackets as delimiters. I may use a different type of bracket. The easiest way they would be to go into the options and you’ll see here on the general that the order text fields can be change. The delimiters can be changed from square brackets to another form of bracket or symbol that may be relevant to your template. I’ll briefly demonstrate another feature of DMO and that is the step-by-step command from the menu, choose manage step-by-step commands. Click the plus click new step is a list of the various features that one useful one is okay. This mimics the keyboard now Dragon naturally speaking trial does not have a backspace command available in DMO start by pressing the backspace key on the keyboard it enters it into the hockey listing will give it a nine express which will also place the spoken form Altamont backspace it, apply close select oh delete that. Thank you for referring this 65-year-old woman who fell off the bicycle and broke an ankle, backspace. You can also target websites and applications. Again, I put in the dragon dictate software voice-recognition website. So if I click that and open the application you see that in the target field output at URL nuance com and give it a name and a spoken form, so this might be handy when accessing particular applications or websites during dictation simply by issuing a command. Step-by-step commands specific and more often tailored or customized for individual use. Dragon cloud Medical one does not dictate directly into all programs you may be dictating through a remote connection to your server or you may be dictating into an electronic medical records program that does not have full text control. For example, when dictating into Genie, a dictation box will appear. Thank you for referring Will to our clinic. His right shoulder has been causing severe discomfort and has increased over the past several days. While dictating a dictation box appears where you can dual your corrections. When finished, simply choose the transfer text button or site transfer text as a command, or even press the transfer text button on your phone app or on the USB PowerMic see now the text is been transferred directly to the letter. Randy is ready for sending. You can continue dictating it is constant aching pain that does not radiate into the llama or involves the neck. Place the cursor in the letter. Otherwise you will get an error aside from nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking and press transfer text in the text box or dictation box can be recalled simply by opening the text again in the box, you can hit the recall text button and there is the last piece of text that you have transferred. DMO has a comprehensive help menu. So from the Dragon naturally speaking download menu, select help will see there is a speech recognition help has a comprehensive list of speech recognition features. Also Dragon dictate naturally speaking help will list program features Dragon menu also has a what can I say selection this office a list of commands relevant to various functions. We have also reduced idea mark amount sheet that you may have received with your initial purchase. If not, email or phone us and nuance dragon customer service are happy to send you the PDF file. This concludes the DMO Dragon Medical one training session.

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