Dragon Medical One – Creating Commands (Autotext and Step-by-Step)

Dragon Medical One – Creating Commands (Autotext and Step-by-Step)

Creating an auto text wise, depressive, come on in Dragon Medical one is pretty easy for me to click on a truck

bomb in your article will create and also text first so you don’t here when you click on this +

here when atop a name all the command court covered opinion’s here so this is the name of the cons will was cold.

If the way you speak that word differs you can put something else in here and I’ll show you a little took the wheel along the way.

Sorry if you think that the name is cut appendix to your letters to hesitancy, transfer date, you need to actually

define the word like that for trying to understand it. Copy a wall of text in here so you’ll see it’s a long report here or

click apply all that’s my order text created and I’ll show you how that works. Cut appendix 2 sounds pretty straightforward.

That’s gone and understood what I said and found that text in place and that’s okay we can improve a lot of it better.

Like for example if you wanted to put some square brackets in which will do it in the command itself socket or less

will go into our command form is little centimeters there and will at some square brackets in here apply all now say cut appendix 2.

Edit that and you’ll see that the focus is taken straight to the first script Exodus funds, and from there you can

expelled previous field and that kind of manipulation that’s even better. But I think you know we could we could do better this.

The limitations with order text is that you can’t have any full thing within the text itself. And so what I would say it’s direct.

I’d recommend my users to not use order text, but to used stored text as a step-by-step. Come on,

I’ll show you how that works. Delete that out of there really going to administration store text we going to create a standard text.

Watching the multi-field create a multi-filled scary rich text as we need folding and format so I currently use is code

appendix three description as monarchs taste. Three. The report text, paste that in their let’s say we want to bold that that

bold that that let something you’d never do this in the report. Let’s make an awesome grain like that okay sorry

my simple thing to remember is this. Her summer copy that saving close now only go back into here and click on

manage step-by-step commands, + and first among the living out my new step year and anoint activate this within

all reporting software we need to ice hockey docket we need is old 30 that’s can be our incident.

Then we can ascend the text that we have in our clipboard, which is what Dragon is going to type and then

we going to press another hockey which is our into the three steps free to insert send the text and then press enter.

And what we call this command with adequate code appendix and hung flat. Don’t already have another come on

cool card cut appendix you will close that nurses clock cut appendix 2 says not to get confused.

So now if I go back into marble and onto Dragon on cut appendix and that we have our formatting in their available to us as well.

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