Dragon Medical One EHR/EMR Supported List: A Complete Guide

Electronic health records (EHR) have become an essential tool for healthcare professionals. With the increasing demand for accurate and efficient healthcare documentation, the integration of EHR systems with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has become crucial. In this article, we will know about Dragon Medical One EHR/EMR Supported List and explore the advantages they bring to the healthcare industry.

The Evolution of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have revolutionized the way healthcare professionals manage and access patient information. EHR systems have streamlined the documentation process, enabling healthcare providers to store, update, and retrieve patient data with ease, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare delivery.

How DMO Supports EHR/EMR Integration

Dragon Medical One (DMO), a leading voice recognition software, seamlessly integrates with EHR/EMR systems, empowering healthcare professionals to dictate patient notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans directly into the electronic record.

List of Dragon Medical One EHR/EMR Supported 

A.I.med EMRAcrendo Software, Inc.
ABELMed EHR – EMR / PMABEL Medical Software Inc.
Abraxas EMRAbraxas Medical Solutions
Accel™CliniWorks™, Inc.
AdvantaChart™AdvantaChart, Inc.
Agastha Medical Records (EMR)Agastha, Inc.
AllMeds EMR SystemAllMeds, Inc.
Amazing ChartsAmazingCharts.com, Inc.
ARIA™ Oncology Information SystemVarian Medical Systems, Inc.
athenaClinicals® by athenahealth, Inc.athenahealth, Inc.
Centricity®GE Healthcare
ChartEvolveThe CIMS Group
ChartLogic EMRChartLogic, Inc.
ChartMaker®STI Computer Services, Inc.
ChartWare®Chartware, Inc.
Clinical NavigatorSystemedx, Inc.
CYRAMED™Mountain Medical Technologies, Inc.
DC Talk™JR Consulting
digiChart®digiChart, Inc.
Doc-U-Chart for the Tablet PC®Doc-U-Chart
DoctorAssistantHealthHighway™.com, Inc.
Doctors Choice EMR™ & Nurses Choice EMR™EMRSystems
DocuMed®DocuMed, Inc.
Dragon® MedicalDragon® Medical
e-MDs Solution Seriese-MDs, Inc.
e-Medsys™ Electronic Health RecordPracticeOne, LLC
E-Record EMRExscribe, Inc.
Electronic Patient ChartsAmerican Medical Software
eMedRecHolt Systems, Inc.
EmpowER System™ECDS (Emergency Care Documentation Systems)®
emr4MDMednet System
EMRWorks™MedStar Systems, LLC
EndoSoft®Utech Products, Inc.
EpicCare Ambulatory EMREpic Systems Corp.
Epitomax®PsyTech Solutions, Inc.
Evolution EMR™Portico Systems, Inc.
EyeDoc® EMRPenn Medical Informatics Systems, Inc.
EZChart™AssistMed, Inc.
FreeMEDFreeMED Software Foundation
gCare™gMed, Inc.
GlaceEMR™Glenwood Systems, LLC
gloEMRgloStream, Inc.
Harmony e/Notes EMRHARMONY MedTec, Intl.
HealthPort EMR V9.0HealthPort™
Health Probe ProfessionalHealth Probe
Horizon Ambulatory Care™McKesson
iAchieve EHRChartLogic, Inc.
iDocLockerSagittarius Software, Inc.
InSyncIntivia, Inc.
Intelligent Medical Software / IMSSuiteMed, LLC
IO PracticewareIO Practiceware
Janus HealthJanus Health, Inc.
Life Record™ EMRLife Record, Inc.
MD-JournalHemiData, Inc.
MD-Navigator Clinical®Benchmark Systems™
MD Advantage™Compulink Business Systems, Inc.
MDAware® 2.2eMedicalFiles®, Inc.
MDLAND Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Systems 8.0MDLAND
MED3000 InteGreat EHRMED3000, Inc.
Medamation™ MDMedamation, Inc.
MedAppz iSuiteMedAppz, LLC
Medflow EMRMedflow, Inc.
CernerCerner Corporation
AdvancedMDAdvancedMD, Inc
Practice FusionPractice Fusion
KareoKareo Software developer
NextGen HealthcareNextGen Healthcare, Inc
ImproMedImproMed, LLC
Accuro EMRAccuro EMR
Office AllyTrue Health Information Network
Augmedix EHRAugmedix Company
ChartSpanChartSpan Medical Technologies
digiChartdigiChart: OB/GYN Focused EHR
EHR in PracticeEpic EHR Software
CapterraCapterra, Inc.
TherapyNotesTherapyNotes, LLC
PracticeSuitePracticeSuite, Inc
Greenway HealthGreenway Health, LLC
Enterprise HealthEnterprise EMR Software
SimplePracticeSimple Practice EHR
NeuroFlowNeuroFlow LLC

Security and Compliance

Through robust encryption protocols, user authentication mechanisms, and stringent access controls, these systems ensure that patient information remains secure from unauthorized access. Furthermore, compliance with data protection regulations, such as HIPAA, safeguards patient privacy and instills trust in the healthcare ecosystem.


Dragon Medical One, with its seamless integration of EHR/EMR systems, revolutionizes healthcare documentation by introducing the concept of supported lists. The combination of voice recognition technology, intelligent auto-suggestions, and clinical decision support tools empowers healthcare providers to focus on what truly matters – delivering high-quality care to their patients.

FAQs for Dragon Medical One EHR/EMR Supported List

How does DMO support EHR/EMR integration?

DMO seamlessly integrates with EHR/EMR systems, allowing healthcare professionals to dictate patient information directly into the electronic record.

What are supported lists in EHR/EMR systems?

Supported lists refer to extensive collections of medical terminologies that are recognized and auto-suggested by the software during documentation.

What are the advantages of utilizing supported lists?

Supported lists enhance efficiency, standardize documentation, and foster clinical decision support, ultimately improving patient care.

If you still want to confirm weather DMO supports your EHR system or not, please contact us.

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