Complete Guide to The Dragon Medical One Menu Bar

I understand that you are looking for a complete guide to the Dragon Medical One menu bar. Lets dive into all options of Dragon Medical One menu bar and see how you can use it.

Dragon Medical One Menu Bar Options

Dragon Medical One Menu Bar

Exit: ALWAYS Exit Dragon when you are finished using the application.  This will save your user profile to the server, where background optimization will occur to improve your accuracy.

Log Off:  When you Log off Dragon it will take you on the login screen which allows you to change Users, Microphones, and Specialties without having to re-launch Dragon from the desktop icon on that machine.

Microphone: This option allows you to change microphone. For example, if you have PowerMic or Internal microphone, you can change them easily.

Options:  It allows users to set their own preferences, for example:  PowerMic button customization, Text Input, Hotkeys and Data Collection.

Manage Auto-texts:  Auto-texts are commands or templates created to automatically insert a series of words, templates, macros into your target application by saying a quick phrase.

Manage Step-by-step Commands:  The commands in this section are known as step-by-step commands that allow the user to build a command that navigates (commonly build for EHR’s, Website searches, opening applications, etc.) just by saying a quick phrase.

Show/Hide Dictation Box: The Dictation Box is a free-text box of the application that gives you the ability to have easy control over all navigation and custom commands and allows you to Transfer Text into your target application.

Show Most Recent Message: Messages pop up to show you what command Dragon heard you say.  To review the message again you can click on Show Most Recent Message.

Show Log File:  If there are any errors, issues or something just isn’t working right, run and save the Show Log File.

Help: Dragon Help | Speech Recognition Help of Dragon Help walks the user through how to use dictation and all the features Dragon Medical One offers.


This Complete Guide to The Dragon Medical One Menu Bar gives you all the information on dragon, which helps you to become expert of dragon software.

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