Dragon “natspeak” Add-in Disabled in Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel: How to Enable?

Is your Dragon “natspeak” add-in disabled in Microsoft Outlook, Word, or Excel? The “natspeak” add-in, by Dragon speech recognition software, is a valuable tool that enables hands-free control of these applications through voice commands. However, If you are facing this issue then this article will guide you, how you can enable “natspeak” add-in.


Causes of “natspeak” Add-in Disabling

Software Conflicts and Updates

Sometimes, conflicts with recent software updates or third-party applications can lead to the disabling of the “natspeak” add-in.

Corrupted Add-in Files

Corruption of “natspeak” add-in files can also result in its disabling. This may occur due to unexpected system errors or improper installation of the Dragon.

Disabled Add-in by User or Administrator

In some cases, the add-in might have been manually disabled by the user or an administrator.

Troubleshooting the Disabled “natspeak” Add-in

How to Enable “Natspeak Add-in” in Word and Excel

Open word document.

Go to File > Options > Add-ins.

Check under Inactive application Add-ins and Select natspeak Add-in.

natspeak word add-in

In the manage option choose Com Add-ins > Click Go.

Check netspeak add-in box and Click OK.

Enable “Natspeak Add-in” in Microsoft Outlook

Open Outlook.

Click on the File menu.

Select Options.

Click on the Add-ins tab.

In the Manage drop-down list, select Disabled Items.

Click on the Go button.

If the NatSpeak Outlook Add-in is listed, click on the Enable always button.


Click on the Close button.

Restart the Application

Once the user has followed the above steps, they need to restart the application and it should solve the issue.
If these steps do not solve the issue, then you need to update the application.


In conclusion, the “natspeak” add-in is undoubtedly an asset for those seeking hands-free control of their Microsoft applications. Experiencing its disabling can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you can likely resolve the issue and regain the benefits of voice-powered productivity.


Why did my “natspeak” add-in suddenly stop working?

Several reasons could lead to the disabling of the “natspeak” add-in, including software conflicts, corrupted files, or manual disabling.

Can I enable the “natspeak” add-in in all Microsoft applications simultaneously?

Yes, once you enable the add-in in one application, it should automatically enable in others as well.

Note: Still facing the issue please contact us through live chat expert or call at +1-800-654-0142.

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