Dragon Naturally Speaking Error

We are very happy with it.  I will be purchasing the full version next week, with additional roll out to others in the firm at a later date.  Is there a way to set up a training session – or online classroom course?
I recently bought Dragon and installed it.   William was very helpful during the process. Would you mind sending me some recommended Bluetooth or microphones on Amazon that pair well with Dragon for PC?

May we get a quote for the attached software to purchase through your site? This is a purchase for a physician at University of Michigan Medical Center and were tax exempt.

We (Magnolia Regional Health Center- CCd) just upgraded our DMO version from 2020.1.1 to 2020.2.1.2, and it broke Imprivata SSO.

 Imprivata (CCd) could see inside the old version fine (UIA Alt learn) and see controls, such as the username field, but Imprivata can’t see anything within the new version – almost like it’s using a new technology, or there is some security layer on top of the GUI.

 Can you help point us in the right direction, or let us know if any of your other clients are having similar issues with SSO (Imprivata or otherwise)?

I work for an attorney who currently has dragon dictate, but he was wondering if there is a program that would allow him to dictate to a recorder (he has a Philips Voice Tracer 4100 digital recorder) and once dictation is downloaded to computer, it will type the text that was dictated.

I hope you can help me with the activation of a product.

I purchased the Dragon Dictation a little while ago and installed it on my computer. I have been using it for about a year. My computer crashed and I purchased a new computer. When I tried to activate the product it says I have reached my limit for activations. So I am not sure how to proceed.Could someone please provide instructions on how to transfer my Dragon software to new device? 

My name is Richard Stein, and I purchased Dragon Dictation version 15. The serial number or activation key is:

K809A-G00-But again I can’t seem to activate this because it says I have reached my limit and activations.If you could give me some direction on how to get this product activated it would be much appreciated.

I am trying to use the Dragon software below with Outlook and am having problems. When I open an email and start dictating, it works initially (I’ve managed to get the greeting line done) but then it just closes the email and the whole Outlook programme, and doesn’t save the message as a draft. Do you know why this would be happening/what I can do to be able to use Dragon in Outlook? My copy of dragon pro software says that the license is not recognised when i try to open it.

The Audio I have is an mp4.  I transferred to an MP3 and it plays fine without the video part but Dragon can translate if due to the rate 16HZ???? We have several licenses that we need to know if they are still active.  Would you please check status of each and let me know? Is there a way to fix that?I am trying to inquire information on Dragon for Medical Practice. Please have someone contact me at this email address or by phone

I have Dragon Natural Speaking Premium version 13.
For no reason I know of it no longer recognizes the microphone.
Says  – no microphone. I have reinstalled the program – same thing.
Although the computer itself sees the mic

We were told by your online operator to email this address regarding how to purchase the dragon medical program, latest version. Please advise on how to proceed.
I’m trying to verify if the license below is a single use license.  If so, do you sell a multi-user licenses?
I use Dragon on my desktop. Last time I tried to “upgrade” I was told my computer didn’t match (not enough speed). It has 16 GB RAM, a 5 year old Pentium 7, and a 1 TB hard drive (<25 % full), with a couple external drives for back up. My version (15.3) doesn’t seem to get upgrades and doesn’t seem to learn from my talking into it. It does get emails that want me to upgrade, but the upgrade tells me my computer will not do so. So I really have to review what it types.Also, it would be good if upgrade notices came into my newer email.It would be good if Dragon would update my speech. I am not using computer as much as before because of Dupuytrens Disease and COVID shutting so much down.

I continue to be plagued with complications and incompatibilities between Dragon, Word, Excel, PPT, and Windows 10.  I made a request for tech. assistance about a year ago, and I ended up get charged for a compatibility fix.  What was once a wonderful help to me has become a real pain.it even interferes with my employers on-line security system.To have better interaction with Dragon – so much is not known. I bought this new version and never heard from Dragon again regarding updates or general support. Unless one uses Dragon everyday it would be wise to provide a crib sheet to guide one during intermittent use of the software.In summary I do not find it user friendly so rarely use it and simply type whatever I need documented.

I know the mic is turned on as it recorded in a Dragon set up box, but it will not dictate into Word Perfect, the 2020 one. It did work a few months ago, but not today. WHat am I doing wrong? I just got it a few months ago, home version. How can I tell the version? where do I find this? It was downloaded from your website 15 30 200 017
Is my dragon Dictate Professional for the mac compatible with the new operating system BIG SUR? I wanted to ask if there is anyway to recover a Dragon Software program if you have lost the cd, I need an app that can transcribe audio files I record from zoom meetings and other audio files
 I want a program to transcribe audio files I have recorded over various years of my parents and grandparents. Various formats, wav to m4a…… It is not at all clear that Dragon Home version does this. Can you clarify please , I owend various Dragon SW 1990’s 200’s they don’t work anymore, Very disappointing that I spent $100s over the years and what is availble for home use is less usefull than it used be. I guess you don’t really care about home users anymore, i have dragon professional how much is an upgrade? I have a disability that makes if difficult for me to type a lot, will dragon help me?

I bought Dragon Dictation for MAC and now have a new computer – I can’t find the application. – Haven’t used it in a long time and would like to download for my new MAC – Here is the serial, I need to download the program again as it has been deleted from my home computer. I cant find my access number to do so.
 I purchased Dragon 15
I need to either reinstall the program or redo the voice file
can you help out
also, Dragon does not work
I finally did the update to Dragon professional and it thinks its a new install and says i have had too many. I will need to do it on my surface tablet as well so i would like to get this fixed so i will not need to bother you again. and i would like to see how to fix it perm so that when i get new equipment i don’t run into this. I’m trying to use Dragon (naturally speaking?) after a hiatus of several years. All I get is a pop up telling me to open the toolbar manually or by saying open toolbar. I don’t know how/where to do it manually and saying it has no effect, where is the link to download/install Dragon Professional – Individual? My computer with my software crashed. Can I redownload the product with my old license? I can no longer access my old computer Does Dragon read anything on your computer, including Bluebeam, Adobe, Word, I am installing a new computer to replace my old one. Do I need to uninstall Dragon from the old one in order to keep that license for the new computer? I am looking for a very reliable diction to text conversion to MS Windows typically I’m trying to help one of our employees access Dragon Legal which was just installed on her work computer, it’s staying there’s no user profile for her but she has one, So the microphone icon isn’t available. We are looking for software too transcribe a few hours of recordings, just checking out all the options

Thank you for asking.

Early last year, I bought 3 licenses for Dragon Professional, version, which you helped me to install. Recently, I was notified of a new version, but I could not download it because I do not have the serial numbers. Could you please supply them. Also,  one of the systems on which I installed Dragon stopped working, so I would like to install it on another computer.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Our office has had a good experience contacting and working with your office.  We have worked with William and he is always very helpful and is very responsive. 

Thank you!My name is Mari Stanev. I have just purchased and successfully downloaded Dragon software. But something went wrong and I got charged twice for it (as seen in a screenshot from my bank account). 
My first attempt at purchasing the software for download ended in a PayPal error page. So I used the chat function on the Dragon website and was given a new checkout link and then a download link. I didn’t realize for a few days, but both transactions went through. Could you offer me some assistance in how to go about getting one of the charges canceled/ refunded?
I believe it is a technical error and not a human error, so I am hoping it will not be a hard matter to resolve.

The difficulty – almost impossibility – of using dragon with outlook and other Microsoft products is beyond annoying and should be overcome somehow.

The inability to add punctuation and the misspells etc in the Microsoft product is counterproductive.

All I need is a good way to use dragon within these programs – outlook and word are the most used programs.

Please see info below:Dear Dragon, I am a patent attorney and use my Dragon software extensively. My primary need is dictation and transcription of large text documents, typically twenty or thirty pages in length. The Dragon software is a lifesaver for me as I have never mastered typing. Also, because my writing is created from scratch, I love being able to “just let it fly” when things are coming to me and I am on a roll. With my Dragon, I am able to dictate endlessly and rapidly, then go back through later for edit and corrections. This way, I don’t get distracted or lose my train of thought. My particular interest would be to make the learning feature easier to employ, particularly because I dictate similar documents using a specific vocabulary, paragraphing and format. I suspect that the Dragon system probably already does some, or all, of this. But frankly, if it is an effort for me to learn, not likely to happen. Easier to use learning would be nice. For me, I would love to “tell” the system when I start a typical long document that “this is an example of how I want things interpreted, or heard, watch the corrections that I make and learn from them” Then, each time I start a document, I would tell it to do it the way I did the previous documents. That would be great. But, make no mistake, I love my Dragon!

I have Dragon pro on my computer at home and my office computer. I did that so that I could remotely dictate on my office computer when I am using log me in. However, I oftentimes have difficulty getting it to work properly. Also, I am replacing my laptop which also has Dragon installed. Will I be able to transfer that Dragon installation to the new laptop as the old one is going to be junked.

 am  writer. I need Dragon and use it all the time. However sometimes It just prints a bunch of: him him him. Other times it has no clue to a word I have used before. How do I get a word it doesn’t know into the profile? If I say to and it types 2, When I ask it to correct shouldn’t it offer to, too and two as choices?   Obviously, I am not tech savvy.

I have had Dragon for some time. It has been a mediocre experience at best. The microphone constantly turns off and I have to recalibrate it. I can’t use it on my email accounts, and quite honestly, the accuracy is pretty poor. Every time I have to reopen it and it takes forever.

I have turned to using Google Drive Voice. The dictation accuracy is far, far better than Dragon and a lot less hassle; you just have to copy and paste your content.

On the lookout for a better overall solution. Not sure how Dragon gets such good reviews.I keep getting ‘Him’ repeatedly sometimes when I am dictating.How can I resolve this problem?

’m getting the message: “We are sorry, but this serial number has attempted to download the software more than 5 times. Please contact the vendor from which you purchased your hardware and/or software” when attempting to download the update.  My serial number is: K809A-G00-XPD3-1DWA-E1.  Also, Outlook has repeatedly crashed when I use the “correct that ” statement.  And I am occasionally not able to right-click during dictation.  Are these known problems?

It sounds like there is no specific documentation on an error with Epic. You’re making a blanket recommendation to get the latest version to minimize the chance of error, which may or may not work.

I have an older copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (v12). I wanted to install it on my personal laptop, but the laptop doesn’t have support for optical drives and my USB optical drive is no longer working. I installed it on my main machine so I could register the product and because I should have it there in case something happens to my laptop. However, I cannot find a way to download the setup file for v12 and I can’t yet afford to upgrade it (working on that) so I’m hoping I can be provided with a link to the v12 setup or whether or not it would be okay for me to take the image from the optical drive and rip it to my desktop so that I can put it on a USB drive or the like in order to install it on the laptop.

I’m trying to find out if a Plantronics Blackwire 315.1 headset is a compatible device for Dragon Naturally Speaking. The headset is no longer being recognized by Dragon. It is working fine in Windows 10 and MS Teams. I didn’t want to just tell the user to purchase a new headset but I am unable to get Dragon to see the headset. It was working fine last week but stopped working in Dragon beginning Monday. The link to compatible devices is dead so that didn’t help. Tried call the toll free number and it just goes to busy everytime. Thanks for your assistance. 

I am working with a user at Gallet Dreyer and Berkey, who frequently uses the Dragon dictation software. While attempting to update the software we were met with a connection interrupted webpage numerous time, whihc then led to us receiving a message that we had attempted to download 5 times and would need to contact support.

Support phone numbers are currently ringing to busy or straight to voicemail. Please let me know what we can do to retrieve the update download. We can provide serial number for the software if needed.

Hi, I work in the pathology dept at Baylor College of Medicine where we have Dragon licenses. A possible issue with the Epic medical record system came up. And a technical specialist from Epic told us to get your patch to help prevent crashes when Dragon is used with Epic. Would you please let us know about this patch?

im dsylexic looking for a good dictation sofware to to write at home

The computer that I downloaded my software to crashed and I am unable to to it on, or access any. I have purchased a new computer. Is there a way I can redownload the software on my new computer without paying for a new license.

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