Dragon Naturally Speaking in Citrix Environment Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Dragon Naturally Speaking in Citrix environment or Dragon Medical software in Citrix provides a virtualization solution that allows users to access applications and resources remotely from any device with an internet connection. It gives a centralized and secure environment, making it a first choice for businesses.

Dragon with Citrix

Preparing for Installation

Dragon needs to be installed on your Citrix environment and local machine, so that you can export your profile and import it on Citrix server.

Check System Requirements: Ensure your Citrix Environment meets the necessary hardware requirements to run Dragon Naturally Speaking smoothly.

RAM   Minimum 4GB.

Processor      Intel, AMD or Xeon, Dual core processor.

Hard Disk Space      20GB

Installing Dragon Naturally Speaking in Citrix Environment

Launch the Installer: Download Dragon Naturally Speaking installer and launch it.

Select Installation Type: Choose between “Typical” or “Custom” installation. For most users, the “Typical” option is recommended.

Read and Accept License Agreement: Carefully read the terms and conditions, then accept the license agreement to proceed.

Configuration and Setup

Microphone Setup: Connect a microphone and configure it with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Training the Software: The software requires training to recognize your voice accurately. Dragon will give you a read text paragraph to configure microphone.

Selecting Language and Vocabulary: Choose your accent and select preferred vocabulary to enhance recognition.

Integration with Citrix Environment

Configure the Citrix server to publish Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Open the Citrix Management Console.

Click on the “Applications” tab.

Click on the “Add” button.

Select the “Dragon NaturallySpeaking” application.

Click on the “Next” button.

Enter the path to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking installation directory.

Click on the “Finish” button.

Connect to the Citrix server and launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Launch the Citrix Receiver application.

Connect to the Citrix server.

Launch the Dragon NaturallySpeaking application.

Dictate into a Citrix published application.


Dragon Naturally Speaking in a Citrix Environment can revolutionize your productivity and efficiency. By following this step-by-step installation guide, you can seamlessly integrate this remarkable speech recognition software into your Citrix Environment.


Is Dragon Naturally Speaking compatible with all applications in Citrix Environment?

Dragon Naturally Speaking is compatible with most applications, but it’s essential to verify compatibility with specific applications.

Can I use Dragon Naturally Speaking with multiple users in the Citrix Environment?

Yes, Dragon Naturally Speaking supports multiple user profiles, making it ideal for shared environments.

Note: Still facing the issue please feel free to contact us through live chat support.

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