Dragon Naturally Speaking: Unleashing the Power of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking, Speech recognition technology has come a long way since its first launch. From its first version NaturallySpeaking 1.0, the field has witnessed tremendous advancements, leading to the creation of powerful software like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a text to speech software that allows users to dictate text and control their computer through voice commands. Dragon transcribes spoken words into written text with impressive accuracy, therefore eliminating the need for manual typing.

Historical background of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking was founded in 1982 by Dr. James and Janet Baker his wife. The software was first introduced in 1997 and quickly gained recognition for its groundbreaking abilities in the field of speech recognition.

Over the years, Dragon Naturally Speaking has gone significant updates and improvements, leading speech recognition solution.

Versions and Editions of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available in different versions and editions, specific to user needs. The most common editions include:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Edition: This version was introduced for individual users for personal use. This version has limitation on creating custom commands, adding vocabulary or templates manually. So basically this version is user by those who only dictates on word document and emails.

dragon home

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Edition: Designed for professionals across various industries, providing advanced features and specialized vocabularies with custom command feature. This version works on almost every application which is used by professionals as well as individuals.


DPI v16 is the latest version of Dragon for professional use which comes with 99% dictation accuracy and loads with many features.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal Edition: Released specifically for legal professionals, offering legal dictionary, transcription and dictation capabilities.

dragon legal individual 16

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition: Created for healthcare professionals, focusing on medical dictionary and fast documentation processes.

Dragon Medical One: This is cloud based dragon medical version for medical professionals, it gives user free hand to mobility and anywhere use.

Latest version of dragon naturally speaking

There are few dragon NaturallySpeaking products which are discontinued or replace by latest version of dragon. Below are discontinued versions.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon Medical One Cloud based version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dragon Naturally Speaking:

How Does Dragon Naturally Speaking Work?

Once Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is installed on the computer, user needs to open the dragon icon by double clicking on it. Once it is opened a dragon bar will appear on top of the desktop screen, user needs to turn on the dragon by clicking the Mic icon middle of the dragon bar, after mic goes green user can start dictating on the documents.
To turn off the dragon click again on mic icon.

How accurate is Dragon naturally speaking?

Dragon is increasing its technology day by day so the accuracy. Dragon Naturally Speaking has more than 99% accuracy. However, accuracy may vary depending on factors such as the user’s pronunciation, background noise and the software’s training and customization.

Is Dragon naturally speaking free download available?

Well if you want to use dragon naturally speaking on your desktop computer then dragon does not provide any free download version. However if you want to test the dragon on your mobile or smart phone then you can download Dragon Anywhere with 7 days trial.

Can Dragon Naturally Speaking be used on mobile devices?

While Dragon Naturally Speaking is primarily designed for desktop and laptop computers, there are mobile applications available, such as Dragon Anywhere, that offer similar speech recognition capabilities on mobile devices.

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