Dragon PowerMic IV Compatibility with Dragon Products

PowerMic IV is a handheld mic, designed to be used with Dragon dictation software. It provides convenient way of speech to text transcription and accurate dictation ability. Dragon PowerMic IV compatibility with dragon products depend on what Nuance Dragon version you are using.

Dragon PowerMic IV Compatibility

Does Dragon PowerMic IV work with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?

The answer for this question is no. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 or 4.3 you can use PowerMic III. Which comes with same features like PowerMic IV.

Does Dragon PowerMic IV work with Dragon Professional version 15?

Well With Dragon Professional version 15 or 15.6 Dragon PowerMic IV does not work. But if you have latest version of Dragon which is Dragon Professional Individual v16, then you can use PowerMic IV.


What Version of Dragon is Compatible with Dragon PowerMic IV? Well the answer is you can user PowerMic IV only with new version of Dragon like you can use PowerMic IV with Dragon Medical One latest version. You can use it with Dragon Professional Individual v16, Dragon Anywhere latest update and Dragon Legal v16.

For old versions of dragon PowerMic IV is not compatible so we recommend you not to buy this headset if you are using old version of dragon. you can upgrade your Dragon product here

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