How to Find Your Order in Dragon Naturally Speaking

Whether you’ve recently purchased the Dragon software or are a long-time user, it’s important to have access to your order details. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of how to find your order in Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon naturally speaking

Importance of finding your order details

If you have forgotten the serial number of Dragon Naturally Speaking or don’t have access to download link. It provides you with valuable information about your purchase, such as license activation codes, download links, and order status. These details become particularly useful when you need to troubleshoot issues, contact customer support, or make any updates to your order information.

Finding Order Details on Dragon Naturally Speaking

To access your order details on the Dragon Naturally Speaking website, type in search engine “find my order nuance” and you will get “look up your order page” on Nuance official page. Also, you can find your order details through Digital River to find my order.

In find my order page you have two options to find your order detail.

  • With your Order Number and Password

Most of the time you will not have your order number and password, so you can go for the second option.

  • Your registered email address and last 4 digits of your credit card.

Viewing Your Order Status

Once you have entered the asked detail you will get your order detail. Common order statuses include “Processing,” “Shipped,” “Delivered,” or “Cancelled.” If it is digital product, then you will see Dragon serial number with download link.


Can I find my order without an order confirmation email?

Yes you can find the order without the confirmation email.

How long does it take to receive a Dragon Naturally Speaking order?

If it is digital download product then you receive confirmation email instantly with download link and everything, but if it is a physical product then it might take upto 2 hours to receive confirmation plus tracking details.

Can I track shipping for digital orders?

No, tracking shipping is only applicable to physical orders. Digital orders provide immediate access through download links or activation codes.

How can I update my shipping address?

To update your shipping address, log in to your Dragon Naturally Speaking account and navigate to the order update section. Modify your shipping information in the provided fields.


Finding your order in Dragon Naturally Speaking is an essential aspect of your order details, knowing how to access them, and staying updated, you can enhance your overall experience with the software. Whether it’s tracking shipping for physical orders, accessing digital orders, or updating your order information.

If you still confused to find your order detail please contact us through live chat

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