Free alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking software

Free alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking software

I sent you a publication in this video talking about a free alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Now if you don’t know what Dragon NaturallySpeaking is. It’s a dragon naturally speaking premium speech to text software that you can use to dictate anywhere on the computer, notepad, a blog comment somewhere on YouTube where have you choose to do this is the one that we show you today is a free alternative to that and is 99.5% accurate now for your hint, it is only here publication from we allowed to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily. Along with that wheels of the product reviews, tips on how to make money online.

So if this is old and interested in having to smash the lock button if a subscriber hits the silicone so you notify us when we upload more videos okay because this could help in this part of the video. Looking at what Dragon NaturallySpeaking actually is. So as you can get an idea that’s what we’re talking about Noah Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

You can actually buy a dragon naturally speaking professional individual for $499 and that’s the home version if you only use it and /or you can pay monthly subscription if you wish to be basically unlucky to sell this.

I am just showing you what it’s like now. It’s a nuance speech recognition dictation tool which allows you to dictate things like Word documents. All you can do it on something like a notepad we can do it on websites like nuance com.

You can also use this one as a way of controlling your computer. It’s a full version and it does tend to be very, very powerful and what it does and to be perfectly honest, I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it’s worth every penny.

But it does take a little bit of practice, and it does take some learning because there are a lot of hotkeys you need to consider and there are a lot of things you need to learn for to understand your voice so there’s that aspect of it as well, but if you notice, wanting something where you can create ebooks quickly and easily and you would like to just bid a dictated not knowingly pay a monthly subscription of dragon medical software for

Microsoft Office Word 365 and you don’t particularly like Google docs that much because it’s a little bit funky then this could very well be the next best thing for you were about to show you.

What I’m about to show you is called Lily’s speech, no speech is an amazing little bit of software and to be perfectly honest, I’m blown away to Haygood how good it is, is not 9.5% accurate, and I find that really easy to use and in the next section of the video will be taking you to my other desktop and you will see what a racket show to you in two different ways.

Okay, so let’s go check it out okay and I will hear that my laptop screen is now one of the choices in this particular case of choosing to do laptop because this icon right here doesn’t show up on my other screen and I have no way of moving it from my desktop to my other screen.

So what I need to do is show to you from my desktop or should I say for my laptop screen. Now one mannerisms could grab a document just from him as nothing more than just a notepad and if I look into ways of doing this, I can either use the hotkey which is controlled D and that allows me to dictate how I want.

In this allows me to continue dictating as I choose to

🙂 Turned off. All I have to do is hit control D now or can hit that icon just here now you have to have it like that what comes up in a box. Allow me to show you the control that we have out here. This Lilly speech control is called dragon naturally speaking download speech and it is fantastic. It’s free and I will have a look at the website here in a few minutes, but it is completely 100% free and the best part about us is 99.5% accurate. Now as you can see, it allowed me to do things like a

Line smiling faces left me with full software. And yet use the wood. You use the wood.

And it puts it that now if you particularly like that box being there like that and you’d rather have it say for example you know you’re on another screen and you would like it to be seen on say to it typing when it comes to maybe commenting on you cheap or perhaps you want to comment on dragon medical software for Facebook page or something of that and you know that you don’t want to sit there typing all time.

Then you can do that as well. I literally just tested this out on a nothing you choose one where I made a really full comment towards that YouTube and flawlessly. It really did, but they do say when you’re a tip is imperative for the people who are doing this, start talking with you voice, press D on the click and this is for best results, speak clearly with a good session like in using.

You can also close the window and nuance speech recognition speech will continue to run in the background in the system tray.

Now if I just drink that down from also show you something else to say for example you want to have this come up in text preview by mass with his click here and electric that down go down him and then now Gary control date that, as you can see, you can see the writing right beside where I am talking.

Now, as you can see, this is doing a really good job of putting it where, what and dictating as I say it.

As you can see it doesn’t like the wood. Instead, you have to use the wood.

It just takes a little bit learning about what I was doing. Microsoft Office would also use the same.

That it’s difficult to not say it now, but I’m sure that if I get used to this, that this will do really really well and the best part about this.

Let me explain the difference between Microsoft Office Word dictates and Lilly speech, not dragon professional individual 15 speech can be used anywhere on your computer and it can be used in your Microsoft Office Word if you don’t have Microsoft Office 365.

You can use it in yellow on the old revisions. If you wish to. You can also use this as you can see in a notepad format.

You can use it pretty much anywhere that you can put your mouse and that’s what I love about this is it doesn’t have to be restricted to that particular document if you’re using something like Google Docs. All you using something like Microsoft Office would be 365.

You are limited to the way you can do your dictation; you have to do it on that application. Let’s say for example you wanted to do a dictation on PowerPoint. You have no choice but to use it just on PowerPoint. You can’t use it anywhere else.

However, you can use this one pretty much across the board anyway you want if you were thinking about upgrading to Microsoft Office 365.

This could be a good reason why you don’t have to spend extra money if you don’t want to and if you have, for example, a box office with 2013, then you’re able to use this one without any issues. And the best part about you can use this for that.

Any issues, and as long as you speak clearly and nuance dragon medical support probably and you speak like it is, they said, and using you’ll have very little issues now scare him. If I could, I would happily use this pretty much anywhere I would like.

So I’m going to be keeping this on my that I will be keeping this in fact I’m going to be experimenting with it and using it to see how good this is at creating my e-books and also it comes to editing my e-books and PLR ebooks and so forth, and we just really soon to see what this is like see how much easier it is to use as you can see it talk to flawlessly forming now and then bring the alarm backup and if a wish to get rid that

I can make it back to the preview window again so that when I type it can come up with just the preview window you might prefer. All depends on what you wanted also to if you’d say for example you have another thing is using control D for something else.

You can choose one of these other functions here to decide how you’re going to use Lilly speech now also to always suggest that you perhaps top down these somewhere. So as you have them available if your box is hidden inside this area here somewhere.

So I would suggest that you get in. They have a look at this as free. That’s a beautiful part about this, so I’ll have no affiliate link to it, but I will leave a link to the website them below yeah and also the best part about it is you can constantly use it as often as you want there is no limit to help how often you can use it how it was.

You want to use okay so as you can see right now back at dragon naturally speaking medical practice edition speech notes cleared out have a quick look here dragon dictation medical speech is free speech should take dictation application for

Windows with nuance dragon support for 51 languages experience the freedom of typing with your voice today. Just click the press control data instantly.

As you can see it even says it on the website that it is free if you like to have a better tutorial one because the more depth you can click on the element but if every honest,

I’ve pretty much covered most of what you need to know they may be a couple more things while he was there, but no premium feature but when I click on that. It doesn’t actually tell me how much his click on name and waiver come up.

It just takes me to a form to sign up and then we can just go straight from their thumbs waiting for this to this for some reason it’s taken a while. Not really sure why because recording it doesn’t matter.

As you can see it is a free download and it’s something you can use other area is up to see into the details in, and this way you can sign up and you could find a how much, across from that I saw somewhere say $2.95 a month somewhere on an offense and yearly plan over that’s a premium plan whole story is, but it’s available for you to use for free and you can do the download just him.

You don’t have to login unlimited and use all the features for free. I can’t get better than that. I chaos us to leave the link in the description template. Another great thing about this particular software is it is downloadable, which means you can also be used off-line if you want to and that’s the best part about this.

I chaos excellence for this particular VM if you like this video. Please consider this national button as well as subscribing in his ability, so you me know if I would have we applicable videos height and weight Reddit one O’Shea and comment them below and let me know what you think of this particular software because that’s what I’ll see you next to get by for now

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