How to Create a New User Profile in Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Before you start using Dragon dictation software on your machine, you need to create a new user profile in Dragon Naturally Speaking. In this article, we will guide you through the simple process of creating a new user profile in Dragon.

What are User Profiles in Dragon?

User profiles in Dragon Naturally Speaking are individual accounts associated with specific users. Each profile contains unique voice data, preferences, and language models, which allows the software to recognize and adapt to different users’ speaking styles and language patterns accurately.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a New User Profile

Creating a new user profile in Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Open Dragon Naturally Speaking.

From the DragonBar, Click Profile > New User Profile.

click new user profile

The New User Profile dialog box will open. Click New.

dragon new user profile dialog box

The New User Welcome Wizard will open. Click Next.

In the Name field, enter a name for your new user profile.

In the Speech options, select your region and accent so that Dragon can understand you better.

Click Next.

Select your microphone and click Next. And position your microphone properly.

choose your microphone

Read text to configure your microphone. Click start and read the text out loud into your microphone.

read text to configure your microphone

After configuring your voice correctly Dragon will jump to the next screen. Click Finish.

Your new user profile will be created.

Train Dragon to Improve Accuracy

To improve accuracy in Dragon software, train Dragon Naturally Speaking in different environments, such as quiet rooms, noisy offices, and public spaces.


Once you’ve successfully created a new user profile in Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now you can start enjoying the efficiency of hands-free computing. Remember to update and maintain your profile regularly for the best experience.


Can I create multiple user profiles in Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Absolutely! You can create as many user profiles as needed, and each user will have their personalized experience.

Can I use Dragon Naturally Speaking on different computers with the same profile?

Yes, you can use your user profile on multiple computers that have Dragon Naturally Speaking installed. Please read How to transfer Dragon Naturally speaking to a new computer.

Still having issue with creating new user profile in Dragon? Please contact us through live chat with expert.

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