How to Fix Dragon Medical One Error: Troubleshooting Guide

Dragon Medical One Error While Opening the Application

While user trying to open Dragon Medical One application user may face this types of Dragon Medical One issue.

The application is missing a file and must be restarted from the deployment location. Would you like to navigate there?

dragon medical one application error

This error message usually occurs when user is trying to open Dragon Medical One dmo.exe file or Dragon Medical One Standalone file SoD.exe.

Dragon Medical One Login Error

User get this error message “You cannot log on with these user credentials. Contact your administrator”.

dragon medical one login error

This error message occurs when user is trying to login with credentials.

Error Three: Upgrading dragon medical user profile error: Dragon Medical has encountered an error and may become unstable. Please close and restart Dragon.

This error message occurs when user is putting correct credentials like email and password but DMO application is giving same error every time.

How to Fix Dragon Medical One Errors

To solve all these issue user first needs to restart the computer.

Once computer is restarted try to open/ login to DMO applications, if you are getting above error messages then check your Dragon Medical One version, if it is old like 2021.2( then you need to upgrade it to latest version.

It should solve the issue but if not then, uninstall the dragon medical one application and reinstall the latest version of DMO


These are common Dragon Medical One errors user may get while trying to login or opening the application. So don’t worry it is very easy to fix these issues. User Windows will not affect with these errors.

By following all the above steps you should be able to login on Dragon Medical One application if not then please contact us and call at +1-(800)-654-0142 or Chat with live expert.

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