I have a student/teacher version of Naturally Speaking. However, for health reasons, I retired retired during the school year. Once school schedules get back to normal I may be able to return as a sub teacher. Can I upgrade to a newer version? What will that cost? Can I get a wireless RF or Bluetooth headset?

To upgrade your student/teacher version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to a newer version, you’ll need to check with the vendor or retailer where you originally purchased the software. They should be able to provide you with upgrade options and pricing.

Regarding a wireless RF or Bluetooth headset, Dragon NaturallySpeaking supports a wide range of headsets, including those with wireless connectivity. Before purchasing a headset, you should confirm that it is compatible with your version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. To do so, check the software’s documentation or contact the vendor’s support team. Many wireless headsets come with their own USB wireless dongle, but some may use Bluetooth, so you’ll need to check the specifications before making a purchase.

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