DMO Setup Implementation Fee $99 Monthly (1 year subscription)


Dragon Medical One is a cloud based speech recognition software product. DMO uses AI as part of its speech recognition backbone.  The system is upgraded multiple times per year and continues to evolve. Accuracy compared to DMPE-4 is superior and snappier.  You can go through several notes with 100% accuracy.  Smooth sailing!

Question: Does Dragon Medical One work on Mac ?

Answer: To work on Mac you need to install parallels on Mac, which allows Mac program to run with windows environment, that way you can use it .


Dragon Medical One is a secure and affordable cloud-based speech recognition solution. It gives physicians and other clinicians the ability to use their voice to document complete patient care – anytime, anywhere.

Advanced capabilities and documentation tools provide a personalized experience like no other. Imagine being able to document up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant patient information, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.

Dragon® Medical One was designed for clinician use.  Instantaneously create secure digital documentation from anywhere and send it directly to any Windows-based device.  Whether you’re updating a patient chart, searching the web, creating an email, or generating a Microsoft® Excel document, Dragon® Medical One will allow users to create their documentation by voice.  No device limits, user file are always available with your commands from anywhere.  It also works on lower-powered PCs to increase portability options.  Below, you will find Dragon Medical One Pricing, as well as details on subscriptions and comparison to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Desktop.

$525 Implementation Fee

$99 Monthly (1 year subscription). Powermic Mobile Included.


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