Not getting 99% recognition accuracy with Dragon Medical? All you need is our help to get there.

Our trainers are experts in clinical documentation with years of healthcare experience.  We’ve trained hundreds of doctors throughout the country to master Dragon Medical and improve their clinical documentation.

Our Voice Fellowship™ Dragon Medical training is two-part. The initial training session gets you up to speed with the product and makes you productive on day 1. You’ll learn how voice recognition works, create your voice profile, learn how to make corrections and create macros. We’ll also show you how to dictate into your EMR–anywhere you can type you can dictate.

After you’ve used Dragon Medical for a couple of weeks we get together again to make sure you’re getting the maximum functionality and efficiency. We resolve problems you’re having and show you some advanced features to make you even more productive.

Still having trouble after that? You’ll be the first. But, know that you won’t need to spend another dollar on training. We make sure you are successful, no matter what.


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