“User profile you have selected cannot be accessed”: Dragon Error

If you have encountered the error message, “user profile you have selected cannot be accessed,” while using Dragon speech recognition software, don’t worry; you are not alone. In this article we will provide the possible solution and provide simple troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

Cause of The Error

Before going into the troubleshooting process, let’s understand why this error message has occurred. Following are the main reasons for Dragon Naturally Speaking error “user profile you have selected cannot be accessed.”

1: When you try to open the Dragon software immediately you get this error message, it means there is already dragon files running in background.

2: Your Dragon User Profile may be corrupt.

3: Insufficient Privileges to open the Dragon User Profile.

How to Solve This Issue?

We recommend following the below steps to solve the issue and get your dragon profile running.

One: Open task manager > Task manager dialog box will open up > Under processes Tab > Select Dragon files and Right-click on the Dragon applications and select “End Task one by one.

delete dragon user profile files in task manager

Two: For any insufficient privileges right click on Dragon icon on desktop > Click properties > and check the permission if allowed in full control.

dragon user permission

Three: If you have completed the above two steps and still facing the issue then first restart the computer, it should solve the dragon profile issue.

If not then you need to create a new Dragon user profile. How to create new user profile click here.

How to Avoid Access Issues in the Future

Backup Profiles: Regularly back up your Dragon Profiles to avoid data loss in case of any technical glitches.

Avoid Profile Sharing: While Dragon allows multiple users, it’s best to avoid sharing profiles to minimize conflicts.

Restart your computer every day to keep files running in good health.


“The Dragon user profile you have selected cannot be accessed” error is not common, but with the right solution, it can be easily resolved. By understanding the problem of Dragon user profiles and following the troubleshooting steps provided.


Can I use Dragon user profiles on different devices?

No, Dragon user profiles are specific to the device on which they are created. You cannot sync profiles across multiple devices.

Can I have multiple Dragon profiles for the same user?

Yes, you can have multiple profiles for one user, each profile for different tasks or languages.

Will reinstalling Dragon software affect my user profiles?

Reinstalling Dragon should not affect your user profiles, but it’s always wise to back up your profiles before any major changes.

Can Dragon user profiles be transferred to a new computer?

Yes, you can transfer Dragon Naturally Speaking user profiles to a new computer using our How to export and import user profile method.

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